Bridal Shower Planning Tips


8 Tips for Planning a Bridal Shower

So you’re in charge of planning the bridal shower? So exciting! Not sure where to start? Have a look at these 8 tips.

Budget, budget, budget!

Right from the start, it’s important that all of the bridesmaids discuss the budget for the bridal shower and who will pay for what. Whether you split it evenly or contribute based on your skills or what you have available, it’s a good idea to discuss this first.

What would the bride do?

This party is all about her, so it makes sense to think of special ways to celebrate her that will suit personality or some of the things she loves to do. A really important consideration is to not do anything that would make her too uncomfortable. Whilst a bit of teasing is a right of passage, you don’t want her secretly cringing and feeling embarrassed.

When should it happen?

Usually, the bridal shower takes place within three weeks before the wedding. Something to consider is the arrival of any guests travelling from far away. Try to accommodate them as best as possible with regards to their travel arrangements. If they can’t be there for that reason, ask them for a video message for the bride. Even if you just play it on your smart phone for her, it will be special.

Who to invite

This goes without saying that only guests invited to the wedding should be included. When it comes to including the grannies and mothers of the bride and groom, you may want to consider planning a kitchen tea as a bridal shower is usually for the friends and younger family members such as sisters and cousins.

When to send out the invitations

As soon as possible, and no later than a month before the event. As guests may be attending more than one wedding in the same month, it’s important to get those invites out early. A great idea is to send out a save the date two months before the event. This gives you the opportunity to let the guests know when it’s happening before you have decided on what’s happening.

Are games still played at bridal showers?

I think you can cross buying heaps of toilet paper off of your list. Today we have much more interesting and less tacky games to play. Unless the bride just loves the idea of cheesy bridal shower games, you may want to consider something different. A more popular alternative is hosting a creative activity for the guests where they get to learn something new and have something pretty or tasty to take home with them.

Bridal shower gifts

Ask the bride what she would most want. If she likes lingerie, she may only want a certain type such as something pretty to sleep in. We all know how hard it is to find a bra that fits well, and you don’t want her sitting with items she can’t wear. Pamper products are a lovely treat. Guests can contribute to a spa voucher or buy body scrubs and lotions to keep the spa feeling lasting long after the honeymoon. For household items, a registry is a good idea.

Should the guests pay for anything?

This is a difficult one, as guests are already spending so much on the wedding. However, asking the guests to pay for an activity is acceptable. Especially if it involves learning a new skill. For the brides that have everything, consider framing the cost of the activity as the gift for the bride.

Happy planning! You’re welcome to drop me a line if you would like any advice or have questions.

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