What’s the difference between a Kitchen Tea and a Bridal Shower?


A kitchen tea is usually held in the morning, where the older members of the family are invited alongside the friends of the bride for a tea or brunch to celebrate the bride. It can be as formal or relaxed as you want it to be. It’s the type of celebration where Granny or Ouma and the mothers of the bride and groom will feel comfortable. In South Africa where we are more traditional, a kitchen tea used to be all about stocking the kitchen. For young brides like I was, my kitchen needed a lot of equipment and pretty kitchen things. For brides who already have an established home of their own, it’s less about the kitchen and more about a special time with the family and friends. Kitchen teas are far from dull and staid events. With the perfect setting and some beautiful decor, the bride will be set to have a magical time.

The ideal venue for a kitchen tea is a restaurant or coffee shop. A delicious brunch or high tea can be served and the decor can include pretty and feminine details. Games aren’t usually played at kitchen teas hosted away from home, so a creative activity would be the perfect way to entertain the guests.

A bridal shower is something between a kitchen tea and a bachelorette. This is for the bride who wants to have fun with her friends but doesn’t want to be dragged to bars with male anatomical headwear and a piggy bank for the honeymoon. Whilst this can be hilarious and entertaining for everyone, it’s not really for every bride. I know that if my bridesmaids had cooked up something like that for me I would have been mortified. This is where a bridal shower is perfect. It can be classy with some cheekiness, but it’s otherwise an event focussed entirely on the bride and her friends. This can be hosted at someone’s home where there is either a beautiful outside area or a living room large enough to host up to 20 guests. Games are usually played and if suitable, a mobile massage therapist can be hired to pamper the guests and bride with a mini massage or manicure. For larger groups I can recommend a wine farm or restaurant be chosen as the venue. A bridal shower is especially lovely when dressed up with a theme such as Coco Chanel or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Photo Credit: cream tea via photopin (license)