1.1 By signing the document both undersigned parties (Something Pretty and the client) are bound by these terms up until the completion of the event.

1.2 Something Pretty will provide the client with the services according to the specifications of the chosen package.

1.3 A deposit/booking fee of R500 must be paid upon accepting the quote in order to reserve the date of the event. The booking fee will be subtracted from the final invoice.

1.4 The booking fee cannot be exchanged for other services and/or products.

1.5 Should the date of the event change after the deposit/booking fee has been paid, and the planner is not available on that given date you will forfeit your booking fee.

1.6 The guest count must be finalized at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the event.

1.7 The outstanding amount has to be paid in full 10 (ten) days prior to the event.

1.8 Should you fail to adhere to term 1.7, Something Pretty has the full right to non-delivery of any products and/or services before and on the day of the event.

1.9 EFT and payment by card is the only accepted method of payment. No cash or cheques are accepted.

1.10 Something Pretty requests a refundable deposit along with the final payment of your invoice. This deposit is reserved for any damages/loss of items that has occurred during  your event.

1.11 If all items are returned, as well as returned in the same condition they were left in,    Something Pretty will refund the full refundable deposit amount (as stated separately on each individual invoice) to the client within seven (7) days after the event.

1.12 Should any items be lost/damaged, Something Pretty will subtract the value thereof off the deposit and pay the balance into the clients account, given that there is anything left.

1.13 Should the damages amount to more than the deposit, the client will be liable for the outstanding balance. Should the client refuse to make the payment, Something Pretty will request legal counsel and pursue the matter.


2.1 The client may cancel this contract at any time by giving written notice to the planner. The R500 deposit/booking fee is not refundable, and it shall be forfeit.

2.2 In case of event cancellation the booking fee is not refundable, and the client will be charged for any services rendered that was not covered by the R500 deposit/booking fee; unless decided otherwise at the discretion of the planner. Events cancelled after 14 days prior to the function date will not be refunded, but the function can be moved to a more suitable date.

2.3 In case of event cancellation (deemed as a valid reason at the discretion of the planner), the event can be moved to a suitable date for the clients, planner and all service providers contributing to the event should this be required.

2.4 No refund will be made for any guest cancellations after the final payment has been made, 10 days prior to the function. Including, but not limited to craft class costs, any additional per person fee for decor, gifts, games and more.

2.5 In the event of 2.3, Something Pretty is not liable for any extra costs incurred by any service providers (venue booking fee if applicable for example); all costs are at the expense of the client.

2.6 In the unlikely event of the planner not being able to be present at the event due to circumstances beyond the planner’s control (in case of illness/injury/emergency), the planner reserves the right to appoint any other planner to overtake all responsibilities for coordination/setup on the day to their best ability.

2.7 Prices will be adapted at the discretion of the planner; determined by the nature of services rendered or guest count. This is not applicable for the standard packages with the standard estimated guest count as per the package, but for clients with higher guest counts or special requirements.

2.8 Act of God: Something Pretty cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage caused to the venue and or business premises on which all relevant business items are stored, by circumstances beyond their control in the form of any weather, i.e. rain, floods, thunderstorms, lightning, wind or fire. In the event of an epidemic, pandemic, quarantine restriction, or other public health restriction or advisory, the time for the performance of the obligation shall be extended or excused.


3.1 A maximum of 3 (three) venue options/suggestions will be provided once the client has booked with Something Pretty per request of the client.

3.2 Something Pretty is not liable for any venue fees or catering costs. This is for the client’s account.

3.3 Something Pretty does not take responsibility for booking the venue (unless decided otherwise at the discretion of the planner).

3.4 It is not the responsibility of Something Pretty to finalize the catering with the respected venue; this is solely the responsibility of the client.



4.1.1. Something Pretty working hours are:

                To get in touch:

Mon – Thurs:             09h00 – 17h00
Friday:                           09h00 – 15h30

                For Events:

Weekdays:                   09h00 – 17h00 (Up to 4 hours per event)
Saturday:                      09h00 – 17h00 (Up to 4 hours per event)
Sundays:                       Closed

All consultations, if deemed necessary, are by appointment only.

4.1.2 If it is necessary for a consultation to be arranged after hours, Something Pretty will accommodate the request only if the arrangement has been made at a reasonable time beforehand.


4.2.1 In the event of exceeding the above stated working hours, overtime costs for services rendered at R500 per hour will be charged.


5.1 Something Pretty cannot be held liable for any death, loss or injury incurred at the venue of the event.

5.2 Something Pretty does not take responsibility for any personal items/belongings at the event.

5.3 Something Pretty cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage and/or destruction of the property of the venue or any other product (including, but not limited to cutlery, crockery, etc.) and any replacements/repairs will be at the expense of the client(s).


6.1 Something Pretty reserves the right to publish photographs of the event on the website/social media pages/blog of Something Pretty.

6.2 No images harmful to the reputation of the client, Something Pretty, or any service providers involved will be published.


7.1 Something Pretty is not liable for the damage/loss/breakage of any rented items of the clients and all costs incurred is at the expense of the client.

7.2 Something Pretty is not responsible for collection or delivery of any rented items.

7.3 All rented items remains the property of the supplier from which it was rented.

7.4 All décor items Something Pretty provides for the event remains the property of Something Pretty. Should any décor items be lost/broken due to client, guests attending or any other persons involved on the day (excluding staff of Something Pretty) a replacement fee will be charged for the clients account.



8.1.1 The client needs to double check all spelling, dates and information before signing off/approving any stationery items (including but not limited to electronic invitations).

8.1.2 Something Pretty cannot be held liable for any mistakes on signed off stationery.

8.1.3 The client can only choose one design to use from the selection of samples provided.

8.1.4 All samples include the following changes: Name of the bride/mom-to-be/person who the event is hosted for Date Time Place Contact Details RSVP Date Please note that any additional information should be able to fit in the invitation, so it will be limited to a certain amount of text. No design changes will be made (including colour, style, etc.); only information changes are allowed.


8.2.1 All flowers are subject to availability (whether it is seasonal or regional).

8.2.2 Something Pretty will choose flowers most suited to the event.

8.2.3 Should you request a specific flower to be used costs may vary due to seasonal availability and/or special occasions/dates/events.

8.2.4 All flowers will remain the property of Something Pretty after the event


9.1 By signing this document, the clients agrees that he/she/they have read the above stated Terms and Conditions and legally has to comply with these stated Terms and Conditions up until the event, and the completion thereof.

9.2 Payment of the non-refundable deposit/booking fee automatically binds both the client, as well as Something Pretty to these Terms and Conditions; with or without any signature on the provided Terms and Conditions up until the event and the completion thereof.


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